The people who brought you Sales Humor are proud to introduce UpMotr, a complete content marketing and branding solution for car salespeople.

Push-Button Content Marketing

& Branding for Car Salespeople

Here's What You Get:

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Professionally written, customer-facing articles focused on the automotive space, personalized with your own photo, contact information, and branding to look like they came from you!

There are over a hundred articles to choose from, with new ones being written and added regularly. 

Article topics include educational content for potential vehicle buyers, funny “Buzzfeed” style listicles, tips and trends, and much more, all positioned to build YOUR reputation and credibility as an automotive sales professional.   

All you have to do is pick an article you like, and click to share it. We host everything for you, so you don't need to set up your own website. 

With your new articles, you will:

Always have fresh, engaging, and professionally written automotive content to share on social media and email to your prospects and customers 

Build out your personal brand as a trusted resource for everything automotive-related, so that people will come to YOU for their automotive needs, leading to more sales, referrals, and better reputation

Not have to sit around coming up with content to write, spending time writing and editing, and paying for domain names, hosting, and building a website 

What people are saying about UpMotr:

"As someone who already does a TON of branding and automotive marketing on social media, UpMotr is a brilliant addition to what I do. The articles help bolster my image as a trusted resource for my network and all of the other available content is just icing on the cake!"

- Mabel P.



Engaging images (memes) are the reason Sales Humor has grown into the largest sales-related social media account in the world. To put it simply: nothing works better on social media!

Now you’ll have hundreds of customer facing automotive images to choose from, all of them professionally designed, with your own information added to them, expertly crafted to drive engagement and position you as a trusted and committed automotive sales professional. 

Simply pick out any meme or image that you like and download it to share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, or anywhere else you’d like! 

 Some memes are funny and will get lots of likes and shares

 Some are educational and will help inform people about the car buying process

 All memes are 100% original and will provide a steady stream of fresh and constantly updated auto-sales content for you to share

 Share these memes and market yourself to sell more cars, get more referrals, and have a high-quality social media presence as an automotive sales professional

All of your memes will include your photo, your name, and all of your contact information so people know who to call for their vehicle purchasing needs, so there’s no more:

 Time and energy spent trying to come up with funny, clever, and interesting ways to engage with your followers

 Trying to use design software to make high-quality, presentable images that make you look like you a pro

 Figuring out the right “tone” that engages and informs potential customers without being boring, coming off as too “salesy,” or posting content that just gets ignored

But don’t take our word for it….

"This content is AWESOME! The platform is super-easy to use, just click and share. I only need to spend a few minutes of my day on marketing now and can focus on follow-up and prospecting. Huge value add!"

- Justin A.



As part of your membership, you'll get your own professionally designed landing page to share with customers, add to your email signature or link to if you're running ads online. Stop wasting your hard-earned money on expensive designers or hosting fees for overpriced site builders.

•  Includes your headshot, links to your social media accounts, and "contact me" buttons

•  A custom URL that's unique to you

•  Three testimonials

•  Customizable background image

•  Mobile responsive



Easily add a custom branded frame with all of your personal contact info to any photo you want, right from the UpMotr platform. No graphic design or editing skills required!

Share photos of new or unsold vehicles, satisfied customers, or anything else you'd like to using our customized frames which add all of your own branding and contact information right from the platform in a beautifully presented format. It's as easy as upload, download, and share!



We've put together a professionally written and beautifully designed 17-page buyer's guide for you to email or print out and give to your prospects, with YOUR OWN contact information on it!

The Guide covers everything from the types of vehicles that exist, to financing and credit, to registering your vehicle and maintaining it. All written in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way that positions YOU as a trusted resource.

The Branded Car Buyer's Guide will:

  Help you stand out from everybody else

  Position you as a trusted authority in the automotive space

  Provide you with a competitive advantage for new leads and "be-backs"

"The Buyer's Guide is great because not only is it a great differentiator that helps me stand out in the marketplace, but it's also a piece of marketing that has actual valuable information that customers appreciate. In addition, it gives peace of mind to buyers that may be feeling intimidated or confused about the pathways of the modern day car buying process. After all, we as sales professionals should remember our customers may not always be on the same page with everything that needs to happen because they haven't purchased a vehicle in 4 or 5 years, or maybe even longer! I highly recommend including the Buyer's Guide in your sales arsenal."

- Philip M.



Your Facebook cover photo is a great place to advertise what you do, to friends and non-friends alike. So we’ll provide members with the most clever, engaging, and well-designed Facebook cover photos for auto sales professionals ever made. 

“Okay, this sounds pretty good, but it’s probably really, really expensive, right?”

We know you work hard for your money, and we want to make this as affordable as possible, without making it so low that every single person who sells cars would sign up and then not use the platform. We prefer a committed core group of members, instead of a huge subscriber base that’s difficult to manage. 

At $24.99 a month, we want to make it difficult for you to say no. And if you're looking for an even better deal, we'll give you a whole year for $199.99, which gives you two months FREE!

And you can cancel at any time!



But you can only get access to everything above, and everything in the future if you sign up before this offer expires.

"This is a fantastic marketing solution. I've added it to the things I normally do to help find more customers, and it makes it effortless to cover social media, and send relevant articles to prospects. Some of the best money I've ever spent."

- Kevin S.

Summary of Terms: This is monthly subscription that auto-renews every 30 days at a cost of $24.99. You may cancel at any time (no contract) by contacting us at If you cancel within the first 30 days, we will refund you 100%. 




Pay as you go!




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Do I get anything else if I sign up?

Of course! Everyone likes bonuses, so here’s what you’ll get if you sign up NOW!

Bonus #1: Access to the UpMotr Facebook Mastermind Group

You’ll get exclusive access to the private UpMotr member group on Facebook, where you can:

Connect with growth-minded auto sales reps who are focused on building their business just like you.

Get product and content updates, and find out about the latest strategies and tips that others are using to sell more cars.

Have a 24-hour sounding board for questions that you can run by automotive professionals from all over the country/world

This group is only for UpMotr users and not open to anybody else.  

Bonus #2: Email Templates that Actually Work

Even if you’re a great salesperson face-to-face, you might struggle to come up with the right subject lines and email messages for prospects at all stages of the sales process.

Some people just wing it and hope that whatever email they send ends up working. But winging it is never going to work as well as using proven email templates that use human psychology to get results.

We’ll give you effective email templates that you can just copy, paste, and hit send for any of the following scenarios:

Follow-up with customers, especially ones who have “gone cold”

Checking-in with past customers

Following up with prospects who came in and didn't buy

And more!

Bonus #3: Postcards

There's nothing like adding a personal and creative touch for your customers, and hand-signed postcards are a great way to show them that you're different.

We'll give you a bunch of non-boring and professionally designed templates that you can have printed to send to your prospects for any of the following situations:

Creative thank-you notes after someone buys a vehicle from you

Auto-sales related birthday cards to send to customers and prospects on their birthday

Funny one-year anniversary cards to send one year after they've bought from you

"I've moved" cards to let your customers know if you've switched dealerships

And more!

"It's really hard to spend hours on marketing when there's so much other stuff to do at work and at home. This is the perfect (and affordable) solution. Tons of great marketing all with my own info automatically added to it. What's not to love?"

- Erica M.

Bonus #4: Car Birth Certificate & Adoption Certificate 

This is a fun way to make your customer's buying experience a bit different, and for you to stand out from everybody else. Give your customer this Car Birth Certificate to commemorate their new bundle of joy!




Pay as you go!




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This platform is PERFECT for you if:

You’re an automotive sales professional who is very active on social media and wants to add great content to the stuff you’re already sharing 

You want to be active on social media but don’t have the time to create content 

You’re an independent auto dealership owner or broker and want to bolster your online presence 

You’re a newer ”green pea” who is just starting out and want to grow your brand

You’re a seasoned salesperson who wants to use social media but doesn’t know where to get started

...did we mention that part yet?

So What's it Gonna Be?  You Have Two Choices...

You can ignore social media (where almost everyone spends hours of their day) completely…..or spend hours trying to come up with clever and effective content, and thousands of dollars on paying for a designer, domain names and hosting, and then hope that whatever you come up with will be effective. 


You can sign up for UpMotr for less than the cost of a candy-bar per day and get access to a nearly unlimited stream of constantly updated content, created by some of the best marketing writers and designers in the business, with your own branding on all of it, optimized for you to market yourself as an automotive sales professional.  


We hope you don’t miss out!


Only for a limited time!





Pay as you go!




Get two months free!

Team Packages

UpMotr is offering special pricing for sales teams and dealerships.

Give your employees the tools they need to brand themselves and bring in more business!​